Adam Helweh

Adam’s Origin Story

A results-oriented, creative marketer with a passion for helping other people become the best versions of themselves.

Creative, genuine, strategic: These are some of the words you might hear used to describe Adam Helweh, CEO of Secret Sushi Creative, a global digital marketing firm. From his earlier years as an advocate, speaker, trainer, and volunteer for Youth-to-Youth to becoming a CEO at his global marketing brand, Adam has consistently stood true to one principle: building authentic and strong relationships. Whether in his personal or professional life, having fun while building those relationships is paramount to his success.

Relationships and community involvement go hand-in-hand with Adam’s fascination with the early adoption of technology. As an involved community member, Adam always has an ear to the ground to listen for what solutions are needed. For this reason, perhaps more significantly, he is an early adapter of technology. While trying out new technologies is important and fun, it is the practical applications of these technologies to creatively problem-solve that really brings the technology to life. Seeing the potential in all things is a knack that Adam has really refined over the years. It helps him when preparing for a speaking engagement and it also is a tremendous asset to those clients that choose to hire Secret Sushi for their digital marketing initiatives.

Adam began his career journey outside of high school by recognizing the importance of being connected to his communities. Progressing through his young adult years, Adam personally began to recognize that through his community involvement, connections, and active listening, he would hear his community members telling him exactly what their needs were. As an entrepreneur, being able to intuitively find the best solutions is critical to delivering the best results. These companies have found Adam’s results-driven expertise to be of great value.


While Adam’s speaking, training, and marketing portfolio speak for themselves, what they do not communicate is why all of these organizations (and more) have chosen to work with him. An avid fantasy and comic book reader, Adam would tell you that one of his “superpowers” is connecting the dots and being able to hear the signal through the noise so as to seamlessly integrate marketing strategies.

As a very young child, Adam already showed great interest in reading. In the 1990s, while most children had not even heard of the Internet, Adam was plugged into his computer, teaching himself how to use technology. The decision to focus on what was cutting edge technology in the late 20th century would be preparing him for enormous growth and opportunities as the Internet became more prevalent in the new millennia.

This drive to learn how to use technology in a more creative way helped Adam navigate his professional life to the place where it is today. His path, his desire to connect with people and communities, as well as his authentic presence, has led companies to request Adam for speaking engagements ranging from embracing technology to adapting to change. View an updated list of speaking topics.

As a speaker, Adam carefully and actively listens to you as an organization so that he can cater his presentation to meet the needs of the company as a whole and to meet the needs of the individuals in the audience. With humor and through years of experience, Adam has developed a flair for taking complicated subjects and making them understandable. He can also lead more intimate workshops with participants to enable an organic way to exchange knowledge and skills that they will be able to immediately implement into their own strategies.

Weekends are sacred for Adam and his family. Balance is the key to enjoying all aspects of life and the roles of father and husband are two that he holds dear. Whether hiking outdoors, playing with his son, going to the movies, or spending time with family while camping, Adam knows the importance of creating special moments.

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What You Can Expect When Working With Adam

  • Creative strategies
  • Compelling content
  • Cutting edge technology adaptations
  • Brand and voice/identity augmentation
  • Early technology adoption and adaptation
  • Creative teams culture cultivation
  • Building trust with transparency

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