Action-Packed Workshops

Workshops are a great way to take larger overarching ideas and put them into action. Adam has a knack of drawing your audience in, getting them involved and leaving them not with just more knowledge, but also inspired to take action with the knowledge they gain.

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Hands-on Training for Heroic Marketers

Allow Adam to delve deeper into his experience and expertise with your teams.

He can cover any of the topics below or if you have a workshop in mind that isn’t listed below, feel free to reach out to see if he can customize a workshop.

Workshop Topics


The difference early adoption and early adaptation of technology can make in your marketing strategy.

Relationship Marketing

Why it is important to build trust with your audience and how to effectively and authentically show up.

Content Studio

Together, we will comb through established content and learn/practice best practices for repurposing content.

Molding Creative Genius

Leaders will be given the information and tools they need to hold space for their employees in such a way that allows them to fulfill their potential.

Adam’s workshops activities will ...

  • Advance professional development
  • Enhance collaboration and team work
  • Deepen leadership skills
  • Provide problem-solving and feedback

Adam Helweh

Workshop Facilitator, Professional Development Leader

Workshops are intrinsically more involved than simply passively listening to a speaker on stage. Adam Helweh knows the importance of connecting with your team, drawing them in to ensure they don’t just know what is important—but why it is important and how to implement what is taught in a workshop setting to their own teams.  

Each workshop is customized to the organization that has chosen to bring Adam in to facilitate. Whether you are looking for a 2-hour workshop that can be attended by 2-3 groups or an all-day workshop, Adam is glad to accommodate.


Adam is engaging and thoughtful. He cares about your audience and will work hard to ensure he best supports your team.

Rachel Polish Vice President, Social Media at JPMorgan Chase

Adam is able to communicate with his audience with clarity and conviction. He conveys information in a credible and articulate fashion and carries with him a clear sense of knowledge and authority about his subject.

Alf NuciforaChairman, The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco

Adam is not only an expert, he is a sought after thought leader in his industry.

Kathrina MirandaFounder/CEO, MiMA LLC

If you want someone who deeply understands his subject matter and how to present it in an engaging powerful way, Adam is that person.

Mark Evans Managing Director, BrandGarage & Organizer Social Loco Conference

Adam is a seasoned professional who is an engaging and informative storyteller. Adam delivers solid, thoughtful presentations designed to help the audience learn new skills and gain actionable-insights.

Scott AbelProgram Manager, Information Development World

Adam is both informative and entertaining in his presentations. The audience gained significant knowledge, presented in a digestible and interesting way.

Val SwisherConference Organizer and CEO

Adam is a pro! He will address any questions you have prior to your event. I have found him to be positive and is great at connecting people together. I highly recommend

Sonya Paz Owner of Sonya Paz Art & Design

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