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With over 20 years of experience helping businesses in Silicon Valley, Adam Helweh knows what motivates innovation and sparks creativity.

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Whether at your headquarters, secret hideout (in-person), or from another dimension (virtually), Adam will bring insight, education, humor, data, and knowledge that will leave your audience inspired and enlightened. Whether you are looking for hard and fast information surrounding marketing or whether your audience is a group of entrepreneurs looking for expertise on how to grow their business, Adam brings years of wisdom. Your team or audience will walk away from all presentations with ways to implement what Adam teaches in real-life scenarios.

When you scroll down, you will find a list of commonly requested speaking topics. When you are ready to request that Adam speak at your event or if you have another topic in mind that you think Adam would present well, please use the contact form and someone will be in touch with you within two (2) business days.

Words clients have used to describe Adam’s presentations

  • Articulate
  • Informative
  • Interesting 
  • Entertaining
  • Positive
  • Engaging
  • Thoughtful
  • Clarity
  • Conviction

Frequently Requested Speaking Topics

The Human Journey: Marketing to the Connected Customer

You have a loyal fan base. You have successfully built rapport with the demographic you were looking to reach. They are connected and eager to be heard. They are equally eager to have instant access to the information your organization can provide via internet-enabled devices, appliances, and social networks. Adam’s strategies:

  • Pinpoint the information your audience needs and wants. 
  • Deliver that content on the right platform, at the perfect time.
  • Carefully craft your brand’s message in a way that creates tangible calls to action.

Scaling Trust: Building Trust in a Digital World

How often do you listen to what your customers or potential customers are saying? Surveys from companies like Edelman and Salesforce, among others, let us know that customers highly value trust and transparency from partnering organizations. In this presentation, Adam will focus on how to build trust with your customers and use trust to generate future customers.

The Rise of the Early Adapter: Gaining a Competitive Edge by Harnessing Emerging Technology in Your Business

While many of us are early adopters of technology, not so many of us actively think outside the box to try to solve one very important question. “How do I adapt this technology to fill a need in my business or community?” Adam will give real-life examples of how other companies have adapted already-developed technology to give their business a competitive advantage.

The Value of Creativity in Business: Creative Company Culture and the Competitive Advantage

Is creativity tied to real business results? This topic will address the fact that numerous surveys point to the notion that a company culture that nurtures creativity and allows for mistakes does, in fact, result in better employee morale and a healthier bottom line for the company. So begins the shift of creativity and innovation moving from a soft skill to a hard skill.

Content Confidential: Uncovering Valuable Content That is Often Overlooked

As Adam says, “Content is just knowledge packaged up.” In this presentation, Adam will guide you on how to ask the right questions of your subject matter expert to get the best content and then beyond that, how to repurpose the same content to present it to your audience in a fresh way. As a result, your organization will also have access to content that provides added value to your business and to your customers… all by simply extracting the most value from your already existing content!

Mapping Magic Moments: How to Create Consistent Customer Interactions That Matter

Adam presents his signature system: The Marketing Momentum Map. Using what he has coined, “The 4 Ms,” Adam will guide your marketers through each of these talking points, bringing mindfulness to your marketing process. This results in your marketers developing the ability to place themselves in the seat of the customer which spurs creativity and innovative marketing that is customer-centric instead of brand-centric.

Adam is engaging and thoughtful. He cares about your audience and will work hard to ensure he best supports your team.

Rachel Polish Vice President, Social Media at JPMorgan Chase

Adam is able to communicate with his audience with clarity and conviction. He conveys information in a credible and articulate fashion and carries with him a clear sense of knowledge and authority about his subject.

Alf NuciforaChairman, The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco

Adam is not only an expert, he is a sought after thought leader in his industry.

Kathrina MirandaFounder/CEO, MiMA LLC

If you want someone who deeply understands his subject matter and how to present it in an engaging powerful way, Adam is that person.

Mark Evans Managing Director, BrandGarage & Organizer Social Loco Conference

Adam is a seasoned professional who is an engaging and informative storyteller. Adam delivers solid, thoughtful presentations designed to help the audience learn new skills and gain actionable-insights.

Scott AbelProgram Manager, Information Development World

Adam is both informative and entertaining in his presentations. The audience gained significant knowledge, presented in a digestible and interesting way.

Val SwisherConference Organizer and CEO

Adam is a pro! He will address any questions you have prior to your event. I have found him to be positive and is great at connecting people together. I highly recommend

Sonya PazOwner of Sonya Paz Art & Design

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